Frequently Asked Questions

WHY SHOOT FILM? A few years back I felt like my images were missing something visually. I finally realized the visual I was looking for was film! I made the switch two years ago & have never looked back. Film is classic & timeless. It has amazing texture & color tones that digital just can not match. It responds to light so differently than digital does & the result is that brighter creamy look. I shoot a mixture of 35mm & medium format film at weddings & all portrait sessions. I capture all details & portraits in a natural lighting situation/location that best suits film. I believe film is a better final product & at the end of the day I always want to be delivering my best to my clients!

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT “FIRST LOOKS”? I love them! I break down why a first look is meaningful into two parts:  (1) Emotional: The main reason why people don’t want to do a first look is because they are worried that it will take away from seeing each other walk down the aisle. But honestly, there’s really no way to take away from that moment! Even when couples do a first look, they still cry or laugh & have really sweet emotions when walking down the aisle towards each other. It also tends to make people feel more at ease because they’ve seen each other before the ceremony. (2) Practical: Doing a first look streamlines the schedule because it allows us to have all portraits done before the ceremony. It also allows us to not feel as rushed & pressured to finish portraits. I like to have as much time as we can to capture bride & groom portraits because they’re the most important of the day! All that is left after the ceremony are extended family portraits, which take 15-20 minutes max. So you can get to your reception a lot quicker! This makes guests happy too because they aren’t kept waiting long. 

WHAT SETS YOU APART? Weddings can get hectic & the last thing a bride needs are vendors adding to the stress. Its always my goal to be a peaceful, positive presence & to do whatever is necessary to make the day run smoothy for everyone! Team efforts for the win. I also am a perfectionist. I am always evaluating my work & how I can improve. I always want to deliver my very best to my clients.

DO YOU HAVE CERTAIN VENDORS YOU LIKE WORKING WITH? YES! There are so many amazing vendors out there who also are willing to do anything to make the wedding day a win for everyone. I really enjoy working with other vendors who are team players & want to put the client first. I’d be happy to give you recommendations of vendors I know are excellent & are also team players for their brides.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO SECURE OUR DATE? In order to secure your date I ask for a 30% deposit fee of your total, as well as the signed pages of the contract/invoice that I send over for your approval. Once the check clears, I sign everything as well & we are 100% good to go!


WHAT WILL I RECEIVE IN MY FINAL WEDDING PACKAGE? - I like to leave some surprises but you will receive some prints, a USB containing all of your images, & a print release! 

DO YOU CHARGE TRAVEL FEES? - I do not currently charge travel fees to Dallas, Austin, Houston, or Waco. For national or international destination weddings, I give a travel estimate before booking.