I have been inspired by & taught along the way by several amazing wedding photographers. I wouldn't be where I am without their kindness & willingness to take me under their wings. I love to do the same for others! Community over competition is an ideal I really believe in & value in our industry. It's way more fun to do it together.

I think in order to grow, we need to take risks & follow what inspires us. For me, that has been incorporating film into my professional & personal work. Its a consistent challenge & always leaves me creatively refreshed. You can learn more about my gear below!

One on One sessions are catered to your needs & the topics that you would like to cover. Fill out the form below or email me for more details!




A virtual or in person chat to go through topics catered to your needs/wants. Optional portfolio review. These are especially fun when they're over morning coffee or happy hour drinks! I'll send you a little questionnaire a few weeks before our chat so that I can prepare specific content that best serves your needs.

full  mentorship

1 on 1 coaching workshop & continuing relationship.
In person workshop includes portfolio/brand review, teaching, headshots, and a styled/editorial shoot. We'll also debrief after your scans are in! And it doesn't stop there, I'll check in with you once a month for 6 months!


let's grow together!

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