Frequently Asked Questions


WHY SHOOT PREDOMINANTLY FILM? A few years back I felt like my work was missing something. I finally realized the visual I was looking for was film! Film is classic & timeless. It has amazing texture & color that digital just can not match. It responds to light so magically & the result is that brighter, creamy look. Just can't beat it! However, film is limited by low light settings as well as certain weather conditions, so whenever I need to, I switch to digital! For example, most indoor venues will need to be shot on digital unless there's amazing window light! Or if everything is outdoors, I'll need to switch to digital after the sun goes down. The goal is always to shoot as much film as I can on a wedding day, but when necessary, I switch to digital. My second shoot also shoots a mixture of film & digital alongside me on a wedding day. A lot of times she will be shooting digital, while I am shooting film just to make sure we capture everything!

WHAT SETS YOU APART? Weddings can get hectic & the last thing you need are your vendors adding to the stress. I know things can get crazy. I've been shooting weddings for seven years & have seen it all! Life can throw you major curveballs but I've learned to handle those & still get photos we love. I want be a peaceful, positive presence & do whatever it takes to make the day run smoothy for everyone! My brides know, I'll always ask "Have you been snacking? Do you need some water?" I think it comes naturally now that I am a mom, but if you need something, I'm gonna get it! Sometimes you can find me lacing up a dress when no one else can seem to get it just right. I'll take the bobbie pins out of my own hair to tame those fly aways for you. I'm constantly communicating with your other vendors to make sure we all give you the best! Team efforts for the win ya'll. Also, I don't want to just be another vendor you cross off the to do list (although that is such a great feeling right?!) I love to build friendships with my brides. I like to check in on you through the whole wedding process & help you in any way I can. Check out the reviews to see what my past brides thought about working with me!

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO SECURE OUR DATE? I request a 40% reservation fee, the signed pages of the agreement/invoice and then we're all set!


WHAT WILL I RECEIVE IN MY FINAL WEDDING PACKAGE? - I like to leave some surprises but you will receive some prints, a USB containing all of your images, & a print release! 


DO YOU CHARGE TRAVEL FEES? - I don't currently charge travel fees for Texas weddings! For national or international destination weddings, I'll research all the details & send you an travel estimation.


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