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Three Freedom-Giving Values

that would've made a huge impact when I was starting out!


I have been inspired by & taught along the way by several amazing wedding photographers. I wouldn't be where I am without their kindness & willingness to pass on what they know. I love to do the same for others! Community over competition is an ideal I really believe in & value in our industry.

I think in order to grow, we need to take risks & follow what inspires us. For me, that has been incorporating film into my professional & personal work! Its a consistent challenge & always leaves me creatively refreshed. You can learn more about my gear below!

One on One sessions are catered to your needs & the topics that you would like to cover. Fill out the form below or email me for more details!




A virtual or in person chat to go through topics catered to your needs/wants. Optional portfolio review. These are especially fun when they're over morning coffee or happy hour drinks! I'll send you a little questionnaire a few weeks before our chat so that I can prepare specific content that best serves your needs.

full  day

1 on 1 coaching workshop & continuing relationship.
In person workshop includes portfolio/brand review, teaching, headshots, and a styled/editorial shoot. We'll also debrief after your scans are in! And it doesn't stop there, I'll check in with you once a month for 6 months to see how you're doing!


let's grow together!

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my wedding day gear

  • Contax 645 | 80mm 2.0 Zeiss lens - medium format film
  • Contax 26mm extension ring & filters for close up/details shots

  • Film stock - Fuji400H, Porta 400, & Porta 800

  • Sekonic L-358 Light Meter

  • Canon EOS 1n | 50mm 1.4 lens - 35mm film

  • 2 Canon 5D Mark III's - digital

  • Digital lenses: 50 mm 1.2, 100mm 2.8, 35 mm 1.2

  • Flash - 2 Canon 580EX II

  • Libby by Kelly Moore

  • Lower Pro Carry On Suitcase

  • Money Maker Dual Camera Harness

  • Photovision lab


Gear used in this shot : Contax 645 | +1 filter | Fuji400H | Photovision. The non-glamorous side of this shot was moving everything to a room with better window light. Then I stood on two chairs, attempting to nail the manual focus & not fall!

my must haves for shooting weddings while prego!

Everything below helped me survive multiple wedding seasons while pregnant (and still feel cute at the same time)!


1. Gold Bar Necklace - I have my sons initial on mine. Its a fun & fashionable way to have them close to me when shooting weddings or traveling. I got mine on Etsy- here. LOVE it.

2. Comfy Wedges (that aren't too high). - I had to experiment to find the right height for me! For some reason wedges help take pressure off my lower back.

3. Protein bars - I buy at least 4 to have in my bag to eat during the down times or share with others. Its so important to keep your blood sugar up & to get enough protein to keep going until the final moments of the day.

4. Statement earrings - I like statement earrings paired with a minimal necklace! Its my go to accessory pairing for wedding days.

5. Kimono, poncho, or jacket - I like to cover up for the ceremony to look a bit more professional, especially if its an indoor church wedding.


6. Storq dress & basics - I can't say enough about Storq. Their pieces are some of the softest fabrics I've ever put on my body. You can mix & match. They go with EVERYTHING. Learn more about their line here!

7. Smart Water - I buy at least two to keep with me at all times. I like Smart Water b/c it doesn't have any sugar in it but it does have electrolytes to keep you hydrated!

8. Blanqi Support - The best thing that ever happened to working, pregnant women. I wish I had had this for my first pregnancy but glad I invested in it for this pregnancy! Its a support band that helps carry the baby weight as well as give your lower back some help : ) Learn more about their line here

9. Libby - Kelly Moore Camera bag - I had this bag for 5 years & finally updated to the new brown Libby this year. I like camera gear that doesn't look like something strait out of a Navy Seal tactical mission. It can also double as a diaper bag!

photographer moms

Being a mom isn't easy, even if its your full time occupation! But I am learning over & over again that life is all about balance no matter what, as well as giving yourself tons of grace.

Below are my current personal goals as a photographer mom : )

Monthly Goal

I make it a goal to at least shoot one roll of film every month of my boys. Luckily since baby #2 arrived, I have been really motivated to capture them each month because they grow so quickly!

Screenshot 2016-12-12 13.45.06.png

Yearly Goal

I love Artifact Uprising books! They're a beautiful & inexpensive way to curate your kiddo photos from the year. I have made a YEAR ONE book & am working on a YEAR TWO book.