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I have been inspired by & taught along the way by several amazing wedding photographers. I wouldn't be where I am without their kindness & willingness to pass on what they know. I love to do the same for others! Community over competition is an ideal I really believe in & value in the wedding industry.

I think in order to grow, we need to take risks & follow what inspires us. For me, that has been incorporating film into my professional & personal work! Its a consistent challenge & always leaves me creatively refreshed. You can learn more about me by watching the videos below!

One on One sessions are catered to your needs & the topics that you would like to cover. Fill out the form below or email me for more details!



Per hour by Skype or in person meeting to go through topics catered to your needs/wants. Optional portfolio review.

Full  Day

6 hour 1 on 1 coaching workshop
Includes portfolio review, 3+ hours of content, headshots, and a style/editorial shoot. Optional post shoot debrief & final review of images once scans are in!

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Let's grow together!

Learn more about my film journey, my lab, & how I edit film scans!