my must haves for shooting weddings while prego!

Everything below helped me survive multiple wedding seasons while pregnant (and still feel cute at the same time)!


1. Gold Bar Necklace - I have my sons initial on mine. Its a fun & fashionable way to have them close to me when shooting weddings or traveling. I got mine on Etsy- here. LOVE it.

2. Comfy Wedges (that aren't too high). - I had to experiment to find the right height for me! For some reason wedges help take pressure off my lower back.

3. Protein bars - I buy at least 4 to have in my bag to eat during the down times or share with others. Its so important to keep your blood sugar up & to get enough protein to keep going until the final moments of the day.

4. Statement earrings - I like statement earrings paired with a minimal necklace! Its my go to accessory pairing for wedding days.

5. Kimono, poncho, or jacket - I like to cover up for the ceremony to look a bit more professional, especially if its an indoor church wedding.


6. Storq dress & basics - I can't say enough about Storq. Their pieces are some of the softest fabrics I've ever put on my body. You can mix & match. They go with EVERYTHING. Learn more about their line here!

7. Smart Water - I buy at least two to keep with me at all times. I like Smart Water b/c it doesn't have any sugar in it but it does have electrolytes to keep you hydrated!

8. Blanqi Support - The best thing that ever happened to working, pregnant women. I wish I had had this for my first pregnancy but glad I invested in it for this pregnancy! Its a support band that helps carry the baby weight as well as give your lower back some help : ) Learn more about their line here

9. Libby - Kelly Moore Camera bag - I had this bag for 5 years & finally updated to the new brown Libby this year. I like camera gear that doesn't look like something strait out of a Navy Seal tactical mission. It can also double as a diaper bag!

photographer moms

Being a mom isn't easy, even if its your full time occupation! But I am learning over & over again that life is all about balance no matter what, as well as giving yourself tons of grace.

Below are my current personal goals as a photographer mom : )

Monthly Goal

I make it a goal to at least shoot one roll of film every month of my boys. Luckily since baby #2 arrived, I have been really motivated to capture them each month because they grow so quickly!

Screenshot 2016-12-12 13.45.06.png

Yearly Goal

I love Artifact Uprising books! They're a beautiful & inexpensive way to curate your kiddo photos from the year. I have made a YEAR ONE book & am working on a YEAR TWO book.